I Lied

I started writing this new hour 6 months ago. That said, I am at the point where I have lost confidence in the approximately 40 minutes written so far.

I write to perform. I will not write anything unless I know I have an audience to hear it. so my initial step was to announce on twitter that I would be doing an hour at 4 pm at the Clubhouse (a self-funded community theatre where over a hundred shows go up a month and there is no screening process to get booked). In Los Angeles, there is a surprising daytime draw for shows because everyone is working weird hours and even if one interested person shows up to listen, that can be more valuable than a 5 minute set in a bar at 10 pm. Also, if I haven’t made it clear throughout my career, I’m a bit sleepy and prefer to go to bed if I’m not being paid.

After setting the weekday afternoon shows at the Clubhouse (again- sometimes for only one or two people), I write down a bunch of new premises in my notebook – just an idea or a paragraph- enough stuff to fill an hour. Even if it’s crap. And it may be crap for a while. One thing that helps me let whatever I put there be garbage for a long time (and some would argue even after recorded for television purposes), is the idea that, at the very least, my shitty effort might inspire a voice more important than mine- someone who says to themselves, “she’s terrible, I might as well try!”

Here is the list of premii that I came up with 6 months ago. Some of it has shrunk from the initial vision, but here are the one word summaries I use to remember them.


Cannot kill him

Why so good?

Seducing my husband

Social justice fantasies

Regrettable incident

U of MN commencement

Yelping religions

Beating the Christians

Selfish Suicide

Wordy shirts

Sharing and caring

There are a few more that are a lot weaker and haven’t made the cut of a set list:

Cold Brew high

Is there anything else I can do for you?

That’s it for today. Just a list of ideas and I guess the next few days I’ll write out for you the what exactly I want to say with them (or am already saying).

4 thoughts on “I Lied

  1. I contacted and tweeted you about your last blog posting. It was meant as positive and supporting. But then I mentally think you took it some other way and it makes me physically sick.

    Don’t read the above and only see “… your blog … physically sick ….”

    If you read your talking points as one long sentence; paragraph; idea it makes an interesting story on its own.

    Anyway, I want to send encouragement. Say that you are one of my top favorite comedians. And say your lack of ambition is inspiring.

    Unrelated, I have been through Duluth a few times on my way to Grand Marais, MN.

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  2. Honesty is the best policy until the policy expires due to non-payment of the premium because you’re fucking broke and you have to choose between honesty and Netflix so you can watch the new season of #ladydynamite . #priorities

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