Number 1 Joke

Or “Trampoline”! It’s already started to get tedious when numbers are getting used. Oof. Well, anyhoogz, joke numero one-o.This one is the new opener caveat. It makes me feel more comfortable if I apologize for letting people down up top. I know how painful it can be to find yourself in the wrong audience. Most recently, I attended an improvised theatre piece that for subjective reasons only known to me, my feet began stomping involuntarily and I had to leave before the lights came up. I get it. “Entertainment” in any of its stages can be uncomfortable. So, this is what I’ve written- so far- and it “works” in performance. And when I say it works, I mean it works in front of an audience that has specifically come to see a 47 year old high voiced woman at a black box theatre at 4 pm in East Los Angeles. I am infinitely grateful for context.With all that ado, here is the small, small bit:”I know we are probably artists in the audience today, feel free sketch and journal. But if at any time during the program, you feel angry and disgusted. This isn’t clearly hasn’t been rehearsed or isn’t nearly as well-written as I’d hoped, please, let that rage…TRAMPOLINE you into working on your own stuff. “There’s some movement involved- I like to move around more than I did in my 1st 10 years of stand-up. Which could be interpreted as clownish laziness (the writing isn’t strong enough so I have to run around), but who cares. So that’s how I’m starting out.

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