Pre and post show

Tonight I have a show at 9 pm at a coffee house in Pasadena. I think I get 10 minutes.

Here is the set list I’m going to work on:

Seducing my husband

Sharing and caring

Social justice fantasies

I’ll “bookend” it with you to say how it went. I’m walking 20 min to and 20 min back from my favorite kind of 12 step group (to remain anonymous) and I’ll listen to an old 40 min set I just did in Bloomington, IN.

I’ll check in in a few hours to say how it went (and that I did it).

Ok did the 30 minute walk listening to old sets. I still don’t understand why it’s so painful to listen to shows – especially since it helps so much. I get reminded of phrases I’ve forgotten and get new ideas when I’m walking and it feels good afterwards, but I will procrastinate for hours to do it.

Set list ( redone during meeting)

Ok! I did the set, but didn’t do the written list at all. All I did was social justice fantasies bit. I felt afraid of doing the newer stuff for a Christmas family crowd, but I did:


Cannot kill

Why so great?

Social justice fantasies

U of MN


I listened to my set on the way there in a Lyft. Again, it went well, but that may be because we are in a coffee shop (Jones), during the holiday season, it’s 5 bucks and it’s east Los Angeles south Pasadena.

now, taking the rest of the weekend off without a phone! Yay, team!

2 thoughts on “Pre and post show

  1. Hello! I just wanted to own my anonymous “like” and let you know who’s in the audience. I’m a clog-loving 48 yo fan from Maine who writes knitting books and always dreamed of doing 1 millionth of what you’ve accomplished. I so appreciate you sharing your process here, and look forward to hearing how things went in Pasadena. Thank you for being here!

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