Tuesday Grump

This is the low part of the cycle- when I need to rehearse and look at the material before the show (at 4 pm) and I’m angry with procrastination. I am mad until I begin doing the work in it and it is ridiculously predictable.

I’ll bookend here that I’ll listen to two sets and make notes.


Well! I rehearsed one bit for my helpful hubby and immediately felt relief and then was able to listen to 30 minutes of old sets. So, feeling slightly better before 4 pm show.

Show over. 45 minutes recorded. I did a few older bits because I felt like I was trying the audience’s patience with the more ponderous stories that are lacking punchlines. Will listen to now on way to open mic at Meeas hotdogs.

Did a set and listened to 20 minutes of set and it was hard to hear it (emotionally).

Canceled a later show out of being too tired- it’s at 8:30 pm and I’m wiped.

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