To rehearse. Blergh. I have another show at 4 pm and I know I can listen to yesterday’s set on the way down, but I could have done more at this point in the day.

What do I do instead of rehearse? Check emails, train my old chihuahua, nap, walk to a coffee shop, chit chat with people in said shop, pay bills, take a swim in unheated swimming pool (bracing!) and then, get to 2:30 pm and start to panic.

Oh! I did get a show in our neighborhood started once a month, 3rd Friday, back of coffee house outside (will be cold but perfect for comedy!) with free cheap beer and boxed wine. I’ll book it with people I know from the neighborhood- 4 comics a show so everyone (including me) gets long sets and it will be from 7-9:30. Making my dream of a show —within walking distance from our home, that’s fun for comics (long sets) and that can also help me meet our neighbors –come true. Set your sights on a block away and it is usually attainable.

Just did the 4 pm show! Amazing! A small joyful crowd brought the material to a higher level! I am so grateful for this crew of strangers! They made a bunch of jokes better!

I’ll try to listen to the set later. I listened to yesterday’s set for only 30 minutes and it did really help.

Now, after dinner with pal, off to booked show at a bar in South Pasadena!

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