Show day!

Big show (for me) in San Francisco with my pal Jackie Kashian opening. I need to listen to my set from Wednesday again and write a set list. If there’s time, I’ll rehearse over the phone with my friend Steve (I pay him to listen to me rehearse. It’s valuable service I pay fellow comics for because they’ll laugh, make suggestions after and not during and are patient with hearing the same thing over and over again)

So, I’ll listen to my set on the way to the airport in a Lyft. Oaaagh.

Did it! Listened to 52 minutes and took notes. Ahhs and umms are far to frequent and there’s a stuttering in my delivery that I’ve watched (in video series)- maybe due to age or meds and that is humbling. I could take beta blockers to remove my tremor, but they make me feel sick to my tum tum. Oh well. Scott said the Lyft driver was listening to Christian country music and so an unforeseen reward for working in the new material.

Now, on the flight- I’ll write a set list of all material from last special and rehearse 3 jokes to myself. And I’ll check in with you fellows and friends that I’ve done that. Thank you for your support, sincerely.

Set list written! And now, rehearse 3 older bittelooos.

Done! And later, I’ll probably meet with my pal Jackie Kashian to do “Joke Machine” (which is just us going back and forth telling each other new jokes we are working on, want to do for the show tonight). I need to look up the definition for “machine” and see if Joke Machine qualifies.

3 thoughts on “Show day!

  1. I loved your “social justice fantasies” bit, I saw you do it in Ithaca.

    I’m a novice so I never really think about “set lists” for jokes. “set list” makes me think of a band, but I see how it could be useful to add new stuff or swap stuff that isn’t working like you want out.


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