Back from the tundra into LA hustle-bustle.

Dear bloggarrooz:

Starting back to performing with a 20 minute set downtown tonight at programme called “Crane”. So I need to rehearse and I’m asking the human spirit of the internet (the only god I seem to acknowledge) to support the “bookend” of a practice session (with myself- no time for you!) in preparation.

I’m taking a Lyft ride and within said 4.8 with Angel, I will write a new set list of all new premii. I had a few new ideas burble up on the vacay and so that is pleasurable.

oh! And if it’s helpful, please feel free to bookend in the comments your own creative projects. Yes we can. (At the very least make 5 minutes of effort. I’m pretty sure this is not was meant by the Obama campaign)

OK I did it! I wrote a new set list! Yahoo.

Just blurry enough to seem like new comedic territory. Everything has been said before, but not photographed by your shaky hands!

Now, on to bookending rehearsal. This is sadly the hard part. I would like to skip the painful procrastination before doing right to doing. I asked a violinist if she got anxious and irritable before shows, refusing to practice. She seems like a very upbeat person of prolific-icity, but she said that she does get mad and doesn’t want to go through the songs. So, there it is. I’ll write back when I’ve listened to the last 50 minute set I recorded before a month holiday. I promise and I will hold you to your promises. Fire up the glue guns.

I did it. (!) very pumped. Listened to set, wrote notes, wrote out a new song based on holiday family interactions- maybe an hour of actual doing anything and yet, feel relieved and proud. I’m not saving any universe or even breaking new ground, but I’ve kept myself “off the pipe and off the pole” (as my friend Jackie Kashian says) for today and that’s something (nothing against the sex Industry or the partaking or drugs illicit- I have never been asked to participate -so it’s only through lack of access/outside recruitment- not a true choice).

Here at “Crane”! They give you a little pink notebook and thank you note for performing! Wonderful, 2018 comedy market environmental perks that I did not experience in the 90s.

Nervous- I’m a little older than the other comedians, but maybe I can fulfill a partial “oldie” diversity quotient. There are THREE women on the show- which is also different from comedy past.

I’m going to do the following-

Disappointment, kill, why?, money, social justice fantasies and maybe this new song

I only have 20 minutes- so may not fit.

Goal- to be here in the space with the people as much as possible, to notice a nice face if I see it and perform the shit out of each jokelette.

Here is something new that I am trying to do- I ask to go up first. (I do it far in advance, hopefully) that way, the night doesn’t get so late for 47-year old Seroquel-taking comedian. I also ask for a 20 minute set. I feel weird about asking, but I tell whoever is booking to NOT WORRY if it is impossible. I’ve just got to plan my energies.

Did the set and listened to in the car on the way home. Went ok and feel proud of performance getting more solid. Lots of very nice comics doing good work and so, a good night, as usual!

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