Listened to half a set with notes in car ride to eat lunch with friends/comedians and sang song with hubby on walk to coffee shop. Have a 20 minute set tonight.

I need to have a place (like a black box tiny theatre) to do a daytime show closer to Pasadena, but not sure if it exists or if it would be too pricey. Clubhouse space in Hollywood is great, but they are super busy and it’s a long drive. Not sure if there’d be enough audience for a daytime show out here in suburbs, but even a group of 2 is fine- just to avoid me having to pay to perform is the goal. I’ve paid friends to listen to my set in a pinch, but performing – even to one interested new ear- is better than old friends (who I can hear doing their dishes) having to hear something they’ve heard 10’s of times.

Maybe “putting it out there” in the universe will help. If not, I always have enough self-employed friends who need the work of what I guess is called, “comedic witnessing”. (I don’t want to have any feedback and just need someone to listen).

So, that’s it for today- I might bookend another session of listening to set and the show tonight (at a bowling alley- I got my requested 20 minutes!).

I hope you are making whatever you want to make and know that you are not alone in the fun/painful/rewarding/Kmart/dreadful/boring process. Low end corporate retail = legitimate emotional state.

Did the set and it went ok- I was hungry and caffeinated and so, not my best show, but ok and will listen to tomorrow.

Thank you to those who posted ideas of where/how to perform! I may just pay to play in order to get a secure spot. I’ll let you know…

Good night, group of 1 or 2 that read this.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. If I we were in the same country, both my ears would be right there with you. They are right though… sending you all the love and ears I can through this never-to-be-read little note.

    We support your journey Maria!

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