Eugene trip and show

I listened to half of my new set yesterday and rehearsed a song and new joke for sister Sarah (a good laugher- which always helps).

Like many if not all, feeling powerless to “do something” in light of terrifying developments in the world via global climate change, the US government, and the general human suffering (50k living on the streets) in Los Angeles. We give 11% of net salary to local food shelf, but as I type that out- it’s clear how minuscule a gesture it is.

Because I’m unwilling to start walking to Washington DC in robes to ask for the President (?)’s resignation, my cowardly position is to just write about it.

I was texting with a friend who was having trouble focusing and completing a creative task due to new medications and so I’ll share what I told her (which I need to hear and I know someone told me): set a timer for 1 minute or 30 seconds and do however much you can do in that time (bookend with someone). Then, if I feel energized by the ONE MINUTE of effort put in, I’ll set a timer for 5 minutes. Anyhoo, I tell you that so that you know the slow, tiny amount of work I actually do- that I used to have the ability to work for hours at a time, up all night and now – for reasons of medication or age or poor attitude- it’s not possible and so, ONE MINUTE AT A TIME.

Went through new premise about “beating the Christians” with pal jackie Kashian and got some laughs- so that’s good.

Now I’ll bookend flight to Eugene that during the flight, I’ll:

  • Write a set list of old and new jokes
  • Go through all old jokes again

One thought on “Eugene trip and show

  1. I appreciate the bit at the end about setting a timer. I find myself having trouble focusing on almost anything these days. Thanks.


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