Post show Eugene

A really nice crowd and recorded the new pieces so I hope that will help to edit the new ones.

I’m a little bored with my old material, but grateful it is there to sink into when the newer bits feel wobbly.

I didn’t do:

Athletic insider

But I did do the new song Saturation point and Sharing and Caring.

So, a success! Thank you to anyone who reads this- it’s genuinely helped me feel more inspired to work on my act.

One thought on “Post show Eugene

  1. I was there! You were truly wonderful! I ended up here by google searching “Saturation Point” because I have been trying to express to my friends how brilliant your show was, and of course failed, so I was hoping to find a video. You are an AMAZING comedian, Maria. I cried a little. It just felt so groundbreaking and important and powerful…with all of the honesty, vulnerability, and socio-cultural-political commentary, it is very much 21st-century feminist comedy. You are a modern-day hero. Thank you for making us all so happy. We get to take that happiness with us post-show, and it lasts for quite awhile.

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