On way to Boston!

Anxious that I need to rehearse on way in plane- rewrote set list and did some rehearsing in the Lyft.

The great thing about the complaints is that I feel energized (now, after crying :)) to really tighten up what I have. I think I have been coasting on the Good will of the audience and -though I’ve been rehearsing – I haven’t been tightening or going up doing sets nearly as much as I have in past years (we moved a little farther out of the city and I need to drive to sets). So, humbling, embarrassing.

So, for the purposes of giving the best “show”- I may not float as much new material in these headlining shows. I tweet messaged some other comics to get their experience and it seemed like the consensus was it’s ok to do “old material” well and err on the side of great show and not on “all new material”.

So the plan is- begin with these jokes:


We cannot

Why everything so good?

Tremor-is not my incompetence my greatest strength

Suicide joke


Deeply religious

Seduce hubby

Social sexual fantasies

Sharing and caring

And then let the rest of the show be tried and true material.

If I can work on the following premii,

that’d be great, but if they are too loose, just do work off my last special and do it the best I can.

Weaker bits:

-Athletic insider

-Beat the Christians

-Saturation point

So I performed all the jokes to myself (beneath my sweatshirt on the plane) except for Beat the Christians – which is an unwieldy long winded bit of late that I feel lightly depressed about. Maybe I’ll try it in the Lyft to the hotel (beneath my sweatshirt).

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