Day of show

Starting late in the day. Have appointment with friend to listen to my hour via FaceTime at 5 pm and wrote the set list.

Will bookend here that I’ll go through all new material and then, fall into a heap for preshow nap prior to FaceTime sesh.

Visualizing that smooth and joyful performing the shit out of everything will be enough! The Facebook messages critiquing the last show in Eugene have really made me nervous that I’m incompetent, don’t know what I sound like, but all I can do is prepare and well, that’s it, prepare.

ok! I did it! Thank you, wordpress village for your support! I lay in my hotel room and did:


We cannot

Why everything so good?

Another thing


Suicide joke


Deeply religious

Seduce hubby

Social fantasies

Sharing and caring

Saturation Point

And I’m going to do it again along with rehearsing the old stuff at 5 with my pal, ivana, on FaceTime. (I pay her as it is a real service and is a very safe space- and all of my friends are artists and we all need the money).

Ok! Went through over phone face with ivana and it was so fun! She hadn’t heard a lot of the material and I was able to tell her about the audience complaints from Eugene and it was very healing, as everyone in Los Angeles says. What a relief and so grateful for a good friend and fellow artist’s earballs.

Now- the show!

I plan to do all of the new stuff and close with my new song and let you know what happens. I might talk about trip to Harvard lampoon office visit which was like an intellectual haunted house of s and m. Lots of masks, control and confusion!

It went GREAT and all the rehearsal really made a huge difference. I am (embarrassedly) grateful for the critique of the Eugene show. I think I have been very loose and resting on the good wishes of the audience (“you didn’t kill yourself! Yay!”) and not crafting a tight set of entertaining material. I know when I was younger, I’d see other comics (who had found success) who seemed like they were just be working out stuff on stage and I always felt sort of horrified – like- you can’t waste peoples’ time with something you just thought of on the drive over for 10 minutes (not that that can’t be very funny and many comics have the gift of improvising and crowdwork, but that is not my story). And I think I’ve been doing that even though my process is writing and memorizing and rehearsing very theatrical presentations. Well, learn and learn and live-learn.

2 thoughts on “Day of show

  1. Did we beat the Christians or not? Seems like now we are deeply religious.

    I read your blogs with multiple emotions:

    I cringe at your anxiety pain, because I’m an anxious person and get anxious over other’s social flubs. As a grown adult I would have to walk out of a room and watch a TV program around the corner of the door if some guy was having some awkward dating moment in whatever show was on. Not anymore though. Now I am confident enough not to watch it at all.

    I am fascinated by your (your? a? the?) comedic process. I have always been the back of the classroom, class clown. Quick wit and walk away person. I’d have no idea how to even begin a comedic set; transitions; have a vague idea what you mean by tightening it up, but wouldn’t know how. The fact that you realize a problem and know what you need to do, and have proven that you can do it says so much. There is only a select group of you who can achieve this, even if doesn’t always go well.


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