New Haven

Very tired and I lost the check I was paid with for Boston last night. I put it in my pocket and managed to let it fly out somewhere in transit. Very mad at myself, but this has happened before. Despite needing money to live, I will sometimes lose the paperwork that represents money to live.

Drove 3 hours to new town and at a hotel I stayed at only a month ago.

Was able to rehearse:

Saturation point

Beat the Christians

With Jackie Kashian in the car and then worked out the idea of being an atheist preacher and have some beats for that and so that’s exciting.

But I feel so tired (I think I forgot one of my meds last night) and gross (just ate Milano cookies and an Arco tuna fish sandwich and breakfast was cheese popcorn and peanuts with cold brew) and I’d like to take a nap. I know it would help to rehearse before I go up tonight and to work out so I feel better physically. So, committing to the group of us 20 that I’ll nap one hour, excercise one hour and then listen to set from last night/or rehearse all new material for an hour. Oof. I know it doesn’t seem like much and with all of the suffering the world it seems completely irrelevant, don’t need to hear from any more white ladies’ POV, but if it cheers me up, maybe that’s something. I don’t know anymore what’s useful.

I’ll check in after a few hours to say what actually happened if the above intended actions.

Well, I did listen to 30 minutes of set, but no rehearsal. It is depressing how many ums and ahs I have. Goal tonight: pace it up and enunciate!

The production staff said there is a lot of heckling in New Haven and what to do with hecklers, should they speak up. It’s been a while since that has been said before a show. I told them to remove them after 3 interactions (rule of 3).


4 thoughts on “New Haven

  1. I’m a little vexed that on my iPad Word app, it wasn’t showing anything new from your blog for a number of days (which is so vague. One day is a number. But I’m specifically thinking more like 4-6). So I just recently saw four new posts and missed opportunities to encourage you.

    I like the Atheist Preacher. Penn Jillette “Sunday School” vibe. Although I have only listened to one of his. Because … time.

    The physical thing can be such a spiral. Not enough sleep. The bad eating because one feels like one should eat. But then it’s crap food that makes one feel bad about life choices. And so on.

    I’m an older, straight, white male so no one wants to hear my opinion or problems, but one’s problems and pain are one’s own. Yes, they don’t compare to parents locking up and torturing their kids, or school shootings, or even a homeless person stubbing their toe. But we can only feel what we feel. We can sympathize with others, feel bad for others, but once we are dust, it’s our own pain that truly has affected us. Let us now bow our heads and not pray. Much like dinner with my mom.

    So take a nap, eat something health, take all your meds and start again. I’m selfish and need your humor.

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  2. Did you find time to exercise? Hope so. Injury made me reduce activity to almost zero the last 2 months. Missing the effect running & gym has on my mood, energy levels and food choices. My dog looks like a furry barrel so he’s keen to resume routine. Still trying to convince Aus gov to stop digging up coal. Yesterday they announced aspiration to become one of the world’s leading arms exporters. Being in Top10 global warming villain charts wasn’t enough. I’ve added ‘organise revolution’ to my to do list. Goodnight.

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  3. You know, I was at the New Haven show and was really pretty impressed by how you handled the heckler. I can’t even remember what the guy said, but I do remember that you engaged him in a kind way and then went on with the show. Kinda masterful.


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