On way home!

Last night’s show was ok- not the greatest. Rehearsing more would have helped, I’m sure.

The plan now is to schedule some daytime shows (2 or 3) and see if I can do a daily show on the JoCo cruise at 8 am or something ridiculous.

Ok! I scheduled shows at 8 am every morning on JoCo cruise so I can work on my hour for a small crew of early risers. I am not an early riser myself and I know I will have to go right back to sleep afterwards, but it will be a great way to start the day and make sure I don’t get rusty over the 7 days at sea. My husband Scott is going to laugh and laugh about this.

I might do a few shows this week during the day, but I have to check to see if there’s space.

One thought on “On way home!

  1. Had a friend at last night’s show and she thought it was the greatest. I told her to leave a FB comment to balance it out. So often the only people who bother to comment on the internet are the complainers.

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