Home with a cold

I think it’s allergies. I don’t feel like doing anything today but bookkeeping and I need to do it.

Year end taxes are serious, need to fill out and send 1099s and I’ll try to make it fun by listening to my 12 stepper podcasts. (Big fan of debtors anonymous despite my atheism- see other human beings as flawed Higher Powers instead and it turns out human beings and answer more often then God, in my experience.

We don’t have any debt beyond 80k on a 15 year mortgage (having a tv show is like winning the lottery), but I’m conscious that these are probably my highest earning years AND we want to give back more than just 10 percent of income- we’re out to beat the Christians at their own game and currently giving 11 percent monthly to local foodshelf, homeless shelter. My dream is to be the Paul Newman’s Salad Dressing of comedy- all profits going to charity, but we still have to save a little more for retirement. The merch I have all goes to charity so that is something!

As for writing or rehearsing, today I’m doing a show that’s improvised at 8 and so I’ll just stick with that.

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