Boat writing

I want to spend some time doing “Joke machine” with my pal Jackie today. There are lots of other creative types on the JoCo cruise and so looking forward to fun conversation followed by naps.

The boat writing has been lovely. I’m doing an 8 am show every day of about 45 minutes of new material and I’m so grateful for the crowds that are extremely supportive and I may have new “chunks” to develop!

WiFi is expensive so I’ll not re-checkin until Sunday but just to say- I didn’t want to do the show today at all and it turned out to be the best so far.

Back from Reality to reality.

As we’ve all heard, reality tv is not real, but it pays well and I learned to make pizza and met LaToya Jackson. I’m pretty sure woody Guthrie would not approve. It was absolutely ridiculous and I got eliminated after 3 rounds. There was blood, goring fish and I went out on a mixed green salad with goat cheese and raspberries.

Now, back to the real real writing real.

I have a show tonight after 2 weeks without performing (or it feels like 2 weeks) and so very nervous. It’s a show in our new neighborhood we’re calling “free cake” because we will be serving free cake. The idea was to have a show in our hood where all comedians had a 15-minute set (which is rare in Los Angeles) and maybe we’d get to meet our neighbors.

I’ll bookend here that I listen to the hour-long set I did 2 weeks ago and try to refresh my memory.

I do not want to listen to it. At all.

Did it! I know I missed a chunk or two, but it was good to hear that it went well in Boston.

Now, need to go through with my face. I’m going to do the Worst Job Possible and then, get back to you.

Did the show at the cafe de Leche Altadena last night and it was a grand success (in my biased opinion). I was able to do almost all of the new material and I forgot to time people and so the show went a little long, but the crowd was very generous and well-lit outside.

I’d like to do some writing today about a visit to the Harvard lampoon society and worst cooks show. Feeling like I should make room for other comics and stop performing- but I need to have a way to earn and maybe I can just talk about that on stage, do some writing about that.

Now, heading off on my first cruise! It’s a comedy and art and games cruise called JoCo after musician, Jonathan Coulton. I asked for an 8 am show every day to rehearse in a small room on the ship they use for magic. That way, I can get the new bitz into muscle memory and work on new stuff- even if it’s for 1 or 2 bleary-eyes early risers. Hubby Scott laughed and laughed when I told him about these bird-worm presentations, but I have a feeling he will attend in his pjs.

Afternoon rehearsal show!

Thanks for all of the kind comments!! There haven’t been trolls and so I’m feeling better about reading them.

Today is a new day- doing hour of material rehearsal At The Clubhouse theatre in Hollywood (in a strip mall between a sprint store and fallas paredes (low prices?) clothing. It’ll be at 5:30 pm and so maybe no audience, but even one person is very helpful.

Now to just get myself to rehearse the bits in a row!

I’m really happy with how the hour is going and I’ll transcribe it here (as soon as I stop throwing up at the idea of doing it) and maybe that can count as rehearsing before the rehearsal. Also, a 20 minute spot at 8:20 so I’ll be checking in throughout the day.

I listened to the new material from show in Boston. Yahooie! The next step is to type it all down. Aghwah. I think I can do it in the Lyft ride to this voiceover job. Will check back in when done.

(Also, here are my current distractions which may or may not being taking up space in my brain: animation project, new hour, reality show, mad magazine project, regular voiceover jobs, and tax bookkeeping for business/personal). I worry that I over commit out of FOMA and financial fear- that I’ve got to have tons of irons in fires- not sure if that’s totally true due to lack of clarity with spending. )

Tried to type in Lyft ride to mixed results but I’ll try to cut and paste as far as I got. I may pay a young comedian to transcribe the hour just because it is so painful that I’m worried I won’t do it.

I did, however, rehearse for an hour while walking from labrea to Vermont on sunset Blvd. and no one notices you are talking to yourself on the street in Hollywood. It’s a really hard scene – 50k people live on the street in Los Angeles, making it illegal to be poor as they keep moving people from tents or taking their shopping carts. It blows.

  • I’ve given money but I haven’t done outreach work with people because of fear of shame and discomfort (on my part, obviously) for being such a privileged unwoke asshole.

Ok- off to do show.

Did it! And I always ask for a lady comic to open 5 minutes from the crowd and another lady to close and they were great. And I remembered to record – so victory! And now going to do 2nd 20 minute set (after dinner with fellow comics at diner- all probably 20 years younger than me).

Did second show last nighT for 20 min at largo and it was a little jumbled, but better for rehearsing for sure. Then, the 45 minute drive back home to Altadena from West Hollywood.

Thank you for accompanying me.