Afternoon rehearsal show!

Thanks for all of the kind comments!! There haven’t been trolls and so I’m feeling better about reading them.

Today is a new day- doing hour of material rehearsal At The Clubhouse theatre in Hollywood (in a strip mall between a sprint store and fallas paredes (low prices?) clothing. It’ll be at 5:30 pm and so maybe no audience, but even one person is very helpful.

Now to just get myself to rehearse the bits in a row!

I’m really happy with how the hour is going and I’ll transcribe it here (as soon as I stop throwing up at the idea of doing it) and maybe that can count as rehearsing before the rehearsal. Also, a 20 minute spot at 8:20 so I’ll be checking in throughout the day.

I listened to the new material from show in Boston. Yahooie! The next step is to type it all down. Aghwah. I think I can do it in the Lyft ride to this voiceover job. Will check back in when done.

(Also, here are my current distractions which may or may not being taking up space in my brain: animation project, new hour, reality show, mad magazine project, regular voiceover jobs, and tax bookkeeping for business/personal). I worry that I over commit out of FOMA and financial fear- that I’ve got to have tons of irons in fires- not sure if that’s totally true due to lack of clarity with spending. )

Tried to type in Lyft ride to mixed results but I’ll try to cut and paste as far as I got. I may pay a young comedian to transcribe the hour just because it is so painful that I’m worried I won’t do it.

I did, however, rehearse for an hour while walking from labrea to Vermont on sunset Blvd. and no one notices you are talking to yourself on the street in Hollywood. It’s a really hard scene – 50k people live on the street in Los Angeles, making it illegal to be poor as they keep moving people from tents or taking their shopping carts. It blows.

  • I’ve given money but I haven’t done outreach work with people because of fear of shame and discomfort (on my part, obviously) for being such a privileged unwoke asshole.

Ok- off to do show.

Did it! And I always ask for a lady comic to open 5 minutes from the crowd and another lady to close and they were great. And I remembered to record – so victory! And now going to do 2nd 20 minute set (after dinner with fellow comics at diner- all probably 20 years younger than me).

Did second show last nighT for 20 min at largo and it was a little jumbled, but better for rehearsing for sure. Then, the 45 minute drive back home to Altadena from West Hollywood.

Thank you for accompanying me.

7 thoughts on “Afternoon rehearsal show!

  1. Hi Maria,
    I’ve been loving your blog and greatly appreciate you sharing your process with everyone. Sorry if you’ve had trolls, I wish I could punch each of them for you! I just finished watching lady dynamite (watched the second season first my accident??), I am in love with everything about it. It is brilliant in so many ways. My partner and I both love you a lot and lately we spend our small bit of quality time together watching your show, sometimes in tears from laughter. Just wanted to share some love and say thank you for all that you do because it’s great and so refreshing. Thank you for all the laughs and inspiration!

    xxx lots of love.

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      • Two questions: what is FOMA? I googled it and nothing that seemed right came up. And, do you want feedback on your new material? At this point I’ve seen some of it twice (Highland Bowl and Clubhouse). Thanks very much for doing these “open rehearsals”, it’s terrific to see you work through the new stuff!


  2. Oh yeah. I’m also a freelancer and can totally relate to feeling of needing lots of irons in the fire. And taxes! I’m currently getting audited and keep listening to your taxes and receipts in buckets pieces to keep myself from totally freaking out. Good luck this aft.


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