Headed to Grand Rapids

I was able to listen and transcribe material into my notebook for an hour with help from my pal, Alex, as a bookending support. I told him I’d just do 20 minutes and then, was able to do 2 more twenties and feel really excited about the material I wrote out and whispered to myself on the LAX to DTW Delta flight row 20 middle seat. So, victory!

Now, the fun part! Researching notes I’ve had about jokes- googling and learning about references I’m wondering about: open book accounting, gentrification, human trafficking – to name a few topics.

I’ll write more tomorrow once in the GR!

Did an hour of rehearsing with Jackie Kashian and opener Hayden Krystal (very funny comic currently in Detroit). That was helpful.

My thoughts at a little speedy as a result of going down on a medication in order to stop gaining weight and that may end up not working. I love words but when they start tangling up into ever-changing “better” versions of the same sentence, I think it may be time to stop writing and just make a face.

Well, two shows were a good but second show was a little scattered and I felt embarrassed. I got a little distracted and my mind went blank at one point. I had to ask the audience where I was in a bit. Agh. There had been a drunk lady yelling out a little bit, but I felt like I could have handled it better. I just used an old heckling line that I’ve used for years, but I did add a new tag. Jackie and Hayden did great. Oh well. Now, sleep and two more shows in Salt Lake City. I was talking to a friend in text about how it’s just hard for my ego that I’m not the worst and I’m not the best (if anyone is) and it’s ok to be just ok at a job- that I just be a part of the world and don’t have to be a genius or superhuman to participate. Participating- at any level of skill- is a victory.

2 thoughts on “Headed to Grand Rapids

  1. Hi Maria, I’m not really a WordPress user but I’ve been subscribed to your One Hour posts and get updates through email. I think I remember you writing something about how you didn’t intend on the One Hour blog to be too interactive as you kinda want it to be a place where you feel you can write freely, so I’m gonna just write this and slink back to where I came from! Anyway, I was at the late show in Grand Rapids and it was terrific. I want to just offer you my perspective on what you wrote about the set. First, you losing track of what you were talking about. In the entire set, 50 mins or so, that was the only “stumble” that I could tell in the middle of a very sharp performance. Having the audience remind you of where you were by them saying one word (“kerfuffle!”) in unison actually made me feel a sort of closeness between you and the crowd. Again, that’s my perspective as an audience member, and someone who has listened to your CDs a bunch. I think it’s safe to say that although you wrote it was embarrassing for you, it didn’t diminish the enjoyment of the audience. And the thing with the drunk girl I thought was perfectly handled. You were thrown off by her yelling (who wouldn’t be?), engaged with her in a very quick manner and got right back on track. We were 2 rows behind her and I was able to see her reaction. She did look embarrassed for being called out for a short period, but after a couple minutes she was back to laughing with everyone else. The audience applauded, she was VERY loud and would have probably gotten worse. So, again, from my pov as audience member it was something handled very well by you and can’t think of how you’d be able to do any better, unless you decided to turn into an insult comic and berate her but I think that’s not really your thing.

    Anyway, my girlfriend and I had the best night out in a long time, thanks for bringing Jackie (woman behind me: “she’s REALLY FUNNY!” because she is) and introducing everyone to Hayden who is probably gonna be a star very soon.

    I hope my thoughts on what you wrote aren’t crossing any lines, I know everyone has their own creative process, just seemed like you thought the set was, eh, 90% good but to me it was, eh, 100%.

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