London (England)

We don’t leave til Sunday, but I’ve started to get a little anxsh for the shows. I’ll try to get some guest sets once I get there – to try out stuff and get comfortable. I know they review shows there and so feel a little scared of that, but criticism – so far- has only been helpful in life. And if it’s not- like I got a 1 pint out of 5 pints review at the Edinburgh festival one year and guy said he thought the show was “boring”. That didn’t give me a ton to work with unless I was going to add horses and explosives. but other crit has been more interesting like “not political enough” and then that’s something I can genuinely ask myself “do I want to be more straightforward in my political beliefs, make a clearer stance, call people (and myself) to real action?”

Anyhobnobs, I’ll be checking in to prepare. Did a short set (5 min) last night just telling story of reality show experience on Worst Cooks of America and have recording from Salt Lake City first show to listen to- bummer that I forgot to hit record on second show that went better performance-wise.

5 thoughts on “London (England)

  1. Be you because you’re awesome and have fun! Don’t let yourself worry too much about the critiques, that shit is impossible to plan for and predict. Also, I just watched comedians of comedy (the show) and loved it. Really got a kick out of the Atlantic City bit, so so funny. x

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  2. Sounds to me like the new stuff is coming along nicely. I know it doesnt feel great, but seeing you struggle with self doubt (and being so accomplished) is inspiring to me. Thanks for giving us this glimpse.

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  3. I’m a Londoner living Down Under so sorry can’t make the show. I know they will think you are a breath of fresh air. They won’t need reminding about Brexit and politics. You are just what they need. You’ve got this! Also like your recent activism comments. Together we will win.

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