We missed our flight yesterday due to duncery and had to re-book for today, but I will make all of the shows. Worried that I won’t have time to make changes to help translate jokes properly, but I guess that could be the fun part – long, sincere explanations of every unknown reference. Oh boy.

I’ll commit to the blogsquare that I’ll verbally rehearse my set on the flight and let you know how that goes. I listened to the set from Salt Lake City and I’m not sure if it’s an accurate representation of how strong the material is – I feel like I get a lot of slack and laughs which may or may not be earned. And, of course, who cares.


next day: struggling with depression from jet lag. Everything seems pretty dark. Did podcast last night and though everyone was kind, I felt off. Talked with pal Jackie about pre-show irritability (fear, I think). It’s like everything pinches and it’s embarrassing that I’m not more relaxed, cool-casual.

I asked my pal Ivans to listen to me rehearse on the phone and feel hopeful that that will help. She’s an actor and coach and is ultra-positive.

Ok! 1st show down. Felicity Ward so funny and fast and thoughtful. Felt scared to follow, but I did it and did new beat the Christians material and so, a success on some level.

I hope to bookend here listening to the set tomorrow in order to have a better idea about what happened. I wish I didn’t feel so jumbled on stage and had smoother transitions. And I need to rewrite some bits – the beat the Christians- to have a more nuances version of my mother and to attempt an explanation of why I want to feel like I need to do a better job of being “good”.

OK! I jus listened to the set from last night and it went much more smoothly than I felt. My hands were really shaky and I’ve had that foggy, awful jet lag feeling and so- nice to feel like it went ok. And after listening to “beat a Christian”, I feel excited about it again.

I’m doing more of my old hour here. I wish I had all new material. In UK and OZ, comics do a whole new hour of material every year, tour the country with it and then start all over again the next year. I’m sure they are the stronger writers and performers for it, but I’m not sure if it would be possible for me even if I wanted to do that (which I don’t which makes it totally impossible). The two comics I’ve seen- felicity ward and another guy briefly before me on a show at the bill Murray theatre- were so fast and punchy and erudite and it might be the accent, but I don’t think so.

Goals for tonight’s two sets: do all of my new stuff up front and close with new song, enunciate and pace it up. And before all of that, breathe and enjoy. I may never be here again and so, blow it out!

I’ll check in later and let you know how it went. Feel free to post your own “bookends” in the comments! I’d love to hear what everyone else taking small steps towards. I think-in this one hour, I have a solid 25 minutes- hard to say.

One show down and I think it went well! It’s recorded and so that’s great. I’m getting nervous for 2nd show- a familiar dread. I’d love to transform that dread to a more grey area of resignation or actively trying to do the worst job I possibly can. I haven’t seemed to “look forward” to long sets out of fear of letting people down. I know that sounds dumb being that comedy is ridiculous and without real importance, bu my brain has seems to always go back to panic.

2nd show crowd was delightful and I am pumped to listen to set to see if anything got better. The best part is hung out with U.K. lady comics at Chinese restaurant and so good end to 2 shows. With taping, I have 43 minutes of new material (with a quite possibly ridiculous amount of laughs) and felt like jokes got better because of audience response, act-outs more energized.

Got 4 reviews on first show which is very English! They were fairly glowing, but did notice that I had old material from last special. The comics in U.K. and Australia develop a new hour every year to be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and then tour 40-200 dates with that material and start all over again the next year. It is astounding. Now, feeling pretty depressed. Oof. I think it’s the jet lag and discombobulating sense of no schedule or shows to do, but maybe it will dissipate in a few days.

7 thoughts on “London!

  1. My “small steps toward” is going to an open mic and one and only time, go up. Been writing for a few years, but, never feel it’s good enough after I read it over and over. Just started Wellbutrin… maybe that’ll boost my joke confidence and lessen the social horror.

    I knew London would go great… Goodluck (not needed) on the 2nd show! I can’t wait to get a chance to watch you do the Beat a Christian bit. Glad you’re excited about it again. You’re a Royal’s Royal.

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  2. I went to the 9.30pm show on Thursday and it was insane. Felicity was an unexpected lovely surprise but you absolutely blew everyone away.
    I’m a fan so I listened purposefully to what the people around me were saying when we were leaving, it was all positive and we were all on awe.
    You are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing and we are all very glad we get to watch.


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