Waukegan, IL

In an effort to do “something”, I contacted a woman off Facebook from the league of women voters in Waukegan to register people to vote at the shows and she said yes and so that’s “something”. I’m trying to get voter registration at all of my shows til the end of the year. I’d love if I knew more about local politics if there were any petitions to be signed or anything needing support but I’m not sure how to do that without getting totally overwhelmed with ppthe myriad of worthy causes and social conditions that are in a snafu. I tweeted out to LWV Dallas and Houston for upcoming dates and maybe can connect with people there next.

Now it’s been nearly two weeks off of performing and so I need to rehearse today or at least listen to the last set that I did in U.K. That is one thing I can do and I will bookend it with this community du blogop.

I’ll try to listen to 5 painful minutes now just to start. Aaaaasaaaagh!

Did 40 minutes of listening! Yahoop. Maybe I can transcribe some more today for 30 minutes and cut and paste it here so you see how far I’ve gotten.

Well, I failed to do that. And now it is the day before the show and I’ve procrastinated enough to not have rehearsed at all beyond the listening to the set. Embarrassing.

I was interviewed by a guy from Texas (I think- everyplace runs together in my head unfortunately) and he was asking what is motivating me to write now (if not mental health advocacy, I guess) and I’m not sure today except for my own enjoyment, meaning and, of course, employment. It’s pretty selfish and I wish that it were for some greater cause like gun control or human rights or environmental protection. I support the above causes (I’m “for”) with donations to the Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU, Nature Conservancy, Everytown for Gun Safety and sign all of the online petitions that come to my email inbox, but my writing (now) is about marriage and religion. It’s clear to me that I’m not doing enough- not participating in local government, not making calls every day, not putting these issues first because they haven’t affected me personally yet. Beyond bumming me out as terrible ongoing news. Maybe I could write a political action bit where make one call to my representative on stage? At least that’d be a way for force myself to something every show.

I’ll listen and take notes (maybe transcribe?? Come on, Maria! You can do it!!) on the flight to Milwaukee on Southwest. If I do it, I will reward myself with a new pair of socks!

Ok! Did 1 hour over the phone with friend Melinda and that helped enormously with the building pressure-dread of procrastination. I don’t know why I can’t just skip that part and do continuous rehearsal every day, but as of yet, I have not managed that change in pattern.

Went to lunch with Jackie kashian and we did bits back and forth. I’m fleshing out worst cooks and Harvard lampoon bits and that feels really hopeful. That they may have added meaning beyond just the stories themselves (which I feel ashamed are too boring or irrelevant to anyone alive in the world.

Waukegan show done! Slogged through parables bit and then went into old stuff. I need to work on on the worst cooks and lampoon pieces to make a full hour of new stuff. I didn’t have the courage to put out more new stuff after asking the audience to have the patience to hear bible stories.

A sad note, I may not be able to afford to bring an opener (jackie Kashian) to the rest of my gigs for the year. As a part of not having the extra tv income, the business numbers have dropped drastically and so I need to make sure Bamfooco, Inc is netting enough to pay me and the rest of its employees. Jackie and I have had a profit-sharing agreement the past 3 years where she is payed one third of what I net off of each show (because she provides one third of the show :)) but I might have to scale back and it really sucks. She’s been kind about it but I feel embarrassed. It may end up working out later, but for now I’ve got to be clear that I’m making enough money to pay the business bills.

Oh! And as an idea for “something” to do about fascism, I’m filing a restraining order against Trump! The paperwork in California was only 39 bucks and I figure that’s cheap to try to keep him at least 1000 yards away from my democracy.

One thought on “Waukegan, IL

  1. Great idea about registration. Your encouragement to get involved will make a difference. You don’t have to be involved locally, your show can be the conduit for like-minded people to make connections. Maybe the lovely people at 350.org (the grass roots global not for profit org) could pick up the baton from you as you move on? ❤️ what you are doing, Maria.


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