On way to Houston and haven’t rehearsed. Had an odd experience with taking action on a joke premise. I thought it’d feel like doing “something” to file a restraining order vs the President. The internet feedback is – and I should have predicted this- half-good, half-bad. And my usual reaction of course is shame- that I shouldn’t have done it. And there is some of the criticism that rings true- it is just for attention, it is narcissistic, it is something that a white lady with plenty of free time can do, it does stuff up an already burdened legal system. All those things are true. So, maybe a mistake, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

There are so many comedic premises I’ve heard over the years that aren’t considered as “real” possibilities. These are relatively inexpensive and legitimate actions of diplomacy or domestic policy- like sending in a high-energy high school marching band into a conflict, giving convicts years off a sentence for certification in Byron Katie’s life coaching program, “the Work”. So I thought I’d follow through on the comedic premise that our President has threatened our safety and the powerlessness I feel as a citizen to do anything about it. I guess the one good thing is trying- even if I was wrong to do it. Maybe someone else will think of something more useful. Ah well. Off to Houston.

5 thoughts on “Tired

  1. Don’t sweat it. No one knows what to do in this day and age. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It is a confusing time we are in.


  2. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with doing something for attention or narcissistic reasons. In this case it’s pretty funny :). The only downside might be the legal system burden but who knows, maybe they’ll have a chuckle out of it too. –> your narcissism just lead to people being happier.


  3. Never rely on the internet as a source of feedback. You’re doing great. I thought it was cool. Also really enjoying watching you on the America’s Worst Cook shows. You are such a loveable and great person. Enjoy Texas!


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