Fresno prep

Doing a show tonight at 9 pm in east Hollywood. Feel a little rusty.

That’s an issue I have is not rehearsing a little every day so I don’t feel so scared when it’s show day. I worked a little on the tiny trump chunk and worst cooks celebrity story. Maybe that’s enough.

I’m going to my pals house. My friend is a therapist and so they’re going to practice doing EMDR on me. I’ve done it before so I hope it will be ok before a show. It’s supposed to be for trauma and the only trauma I experienced really was depression as a kid and adult- so I don’t think I’m the ideal patient, but maybe the ideal guinea pig!

Well, did the show at the Mexican restaurant on sunset. I certainly wasn’t as polished as the young man who emceed and I overheard some people leaving the show after my set saying, “that was weird” and I’m not sure if that’s the gift of paranoia working for me, but it was 20 minutes of life and trying the worst cooks story and so, at least, done and that’s always a relief.

It is always humbling in Los Angeles with the amount of chutzpah and gifted artistry on offer and I tried to be a part of it and the valet was only 10 bucks and so, not a bad deal to participate in a good show.

Now, to rehearsing again. I never want to. It’s never appealing, but neither is taking a shower or making plans with people I love a week in advance.

Just listened to set from Austin- which went slightly better than I thought and I have some tags. Feel embarrassed at how slow my delivery and mind is. Driving in the 2008 Prius with 114k miles and bird poop frosting and dear hubster, Scott.

Now listened to Addison Texas set again and seem to really be unwilling to rehearse. I’m going to ask a friend to FaceTime rehearse over the phone today. Feel so mad at myself and therefore, irritable.

Scott driving to breakfast and I was able to eek out rehearsal of 2 bits. The 3 rounds at who’s the better person with my mom, sharing and caring. Oh and I also did U of mn. That helped enormously and I was able to enjoy Forestiere Underground Gardens. A quote from Baldessarre Forestiere, Italian immigrant, “to make something with a lot of money, that is easy. But to make something out of nothing- that now is really something”. And I type that out on my $700 iphone into an app I also paid for.

Got my friend Steve to listen to 45 minutes and then did a few with Jackie Kashian. Backstage listening to jackie and she’s doing great, half-full crowd. The guy backstage said that was pretty good for Fresno. 2 is amazing for la.

One thought on “Fresno prep

  1. Break a leg Maria! You will always be my favourite guinea pig 🙂

    I saw you perplexed, looking a LaToya pretending to struggle squeezing a lemon in that cooking show. It was a short clip but your face was Priceless 😁. I need to watch it all!

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