Detroit and Cincinnati

  • In Lyft to airport! Practiced yesterday for an hour but feeling pretty gross as I didn’t exercise this morning before the 8 hour nonviolent sit-in that is traveling.

Will bookend here that i rehearse the hour on the plane. I’ll let you know how that goes.

  • Also, in an effort to get myself to do night shows in LA (short, unpaid sets that now involve a minimum 45-hour long ride into the city), I’ve asked the latest person to ask if I was free for a show- if I could have a 20 minute set AND a 10 min set for a pal. That way, I’ll have a friend to hang with- this making it meaningful and fun. My pal Steve says he’s avails. I’ve always wanted to have a van that picked up comedians all over the city so that you wouldn’t have to drive such long distances alone. I guess that’s called Lyft line. The daytime shows are helpful, but night time crowds and shorter sets help edit the material and I definitely have gotten “soft” as a performer in terms of getting used to unilateral acceptance by the audience.

Listening back

So I listened to the best show from Philly and it’s confusing because the audience laughs at everything and I think it’s a skewed reality.

Now- to get the courage to hear the quieter show and see what happened there. I just had another quiet 1 pm show at the Clubhouse in Hollywood. I’m going to videotape the show on Wednesday at 1 pm and see what I’m doing physically. I’ve become less conscious of my movement on stage with the years and it might help to choreograph when to stand still and where moving is actually helping the performance instead of just pacing nervously.

I have a ton of “uuuuhs” and “umm” in the recordings and I’d like to edit those from my comedy. It’d better to have no sound at all, I think. Or heavy mouth breathing.

Ok- went over the first, quieter show. It was all right- more laughs than I remember and so that’s nice.

About the uuhs- I just got a fan (?) letter begging me to stop stuttering, umming and using “like”. It was from England. I can try. It’s a hard one for me.

Now going to Cincinnati and Michigan tomorrow and rehearsing with comic Carmen morales!


Have done 2 shows and now doing a 3rd practice show at the Good Good Comedy Theatre. They let me have 3 one pm shows at the last minute and I told them to keep the door ($5 a head for 50 people isn’t a ton) because they have such a wonderful space (black box theatre) and I’m very grateful for their availability and I’m also getting paid to do 2 shows at Helium on Sunday. And – just like LA- it’s nice to feel like they are “practice” shows.

We’re here for our nephew Collins graduation from college – a BFA- and another painter in the family. It’s was really inspiring to hear the commencement speech from a famous artist – he said the things (or at least I made it in my head that he said these things) I need to hear – like the work itself is the everything and connection with community. I haven’t always had a big connection with community so that is something I’d like to improve at- being someone trustworthy – who will show up to help. I don’t always trust myself to show up for people and causes.

So, now doing the full hour with no old material and so that’s just great. Even if the last few bits are pretty uneven stories- the only way they’ll get any better is by doing them.

Wonderful to see all of the art created by graduates of PAFA in their open studio day. So inspiring and exciting to see their skill and passion and hand-knit bowties.

Now, pre-show at Helium! Michell Biloon is opening and doing beautifully. I have a plan to do all new material. We’ll see how it goes.

First show down. Got stumbly despite rehearsing for 3 shows this week. Agh.

Second show was beyond superbo. Audience laughed at set-ups and flubs and punchlines and I am done and psyched to listen to both sets- the quiet show and the exuberant- to see if I did anything differently. I shouldn’t say excited. How about slightly curious, but tired.


Driving in budget rental car to Hilarities. More to come!

Was able to do almost whole set with only 2 old ones and so that’s a victory. Will try to listen to sets on plane home.

Tomorrow- meeting with friends Doug and Marie to look at what I can afford with having an opener and other issues in the beeswax.