Listening back

So I listened to the best show from Philly and it’s confusing because the audience laughs at everything and I think it’s a skewed reality.

Now- to get the courage to hear the quieter show and see what happened there. I just had another quiet 1 pm show at the Clubhouse in Hollywood. I’m going to videotape the show on Wednesday at 1 pm and see what I’m doing physically. I’ve become less conscious of my movement on stage with the years and it might help to choreograph when to stand still and where moving is actually helping the performance instead of just pacing nervously.

I have a ton of “uuuuhs” and “umm” in the recordings and I’d like to edit those from my comedy. It’d better to have no sound at all, I think. Or heavy mouth breathing.

Ok- went over the first, quieter show. It was all right- more laughs than I remember and so that’s nice.

About the uuhs- I just got a fan (?) letter begging me to stop stuttering, umming and using “like”. It was from England. I can try. It’s a hard one for me.

Now going to Cincinnati and Michigan tomorrow and rehearsing with comic Carmen morales!

2 thoughts on “Listening back

  1. I think that your “umm’s” are probably less noticeable in the fluidity of time, then they are on a recording that can be listened to repeatedly. It’s like I think I look better when it motion when people really can’t focus on me, then I do in a photograph. or the mirror.

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