Detroit and Cincinnati

  • In Lyft to airport! Practiced yesterday for an hour but feeling pretty gross as I didn’t exercise this morning before the 8 hour nonviolent sit-in that is traveling.

Will bookend here that i rehearse the hour on the plane. I’ll let you know how that goes.

  • Also, in an effort to get myself to do night shows in LA (short, unpaid sets that now involve a minimum 45-hour long ride into the city), I’ve asked the latest person to ask if I was free for a show- if I could have a 20 minute set AND a 10 min set for a pal. That way, I’ll have a friend to hang with- this making it meaningful and fun. My pal Steve says he’s avails. I’ve always wanted to have a van that picked up comedians all over the city so that you wouldn’t have to drive such long distances alone. I guess that’s called Lyft line. The daytime shows are helpful, but night time crowds and shorter sets help edit the material and I definitely have gotten “soft” as a performer in terms of getting used to unilateral acceptance by the audience.

Backstage at royal oak, mi theatre. Rehearsed a little, listened to last set in philly that went great. I feel a little worried I didn’t go through everything today. I will attempt to just do new material the whole hour- even if it’s not a success. Agh.

Did it! Did full hour of new material! Yahoo wahoo. It was a little messy with the new stories at the end, but I’ll bookend practicing here today.

Went through beginning and 2 end stories (worst cooks, Harvard lampoon). There’s a food festival outside with a pretty loud band and you can hear it inside the theatre so I’m worried I may not make it through with all new material just because it’s harder to focus.

It’s so great because Jackie is here and she’s trying out new chunks on feminism, building a new hour too- and that helps keep me inspired.

4 thoughts on “Detroit and Cincinnati

  1. “The 8-hour nonviolent sit-in that is traveling” almost made me shoot soup out my nose. I’ve just landed in Portland (Oregon) after leaving Portland (Maine) this morning, and that phrase will forever be my new way of describing travel. Thank you.

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  2. For what it’s worth, we saw you in Royal Oak last night and you brought down the house! It was a treat to see so much new material from you, and it was all fun, fresh, conversational, and totally Maria. Glad we got to see Jackie too. Keep working that new stuff, it’s closer than you think!

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