Listening to last hour

Painful to hear my squeaky umms and ahs, but have a few more ideas.

Need a different word for impersonations, axe body spray flavors, what minimum wage is and rent in my hometown.

Will look up.


Voodoo and dark temptation


$795 for one br in Duluth

Working 40 hours a week, that’s 1300 a month, gross. 60 hours a week 1953, gross. 1562 at 20% tax rate.

That’s so I have better numbers in the social justice fantasies bit.

The next show I have is a few weeks from now and I’d rather be practicing every day a little bit instead of freaking out the day before. So, I may ask some friends if they’ll listen to my new hour this weekend- if it seems appropriate and they are down.

Hearing about suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade has been depressing. There’s no way to talk about someone else’s death without sounding like a jackass. There are all these messages after their obits to call the suicide hotline if you’re thinking of killing yourself and that seems so condescending, weird. As if they didn’t know about those resources or that someone might be stopped by seeing a phone number- like a zap of chemotherapy treatment for cancer. It just seems ridiculous and disrespectful to their experience. Not that people can’t survive suicide attempts or that some deaths by suicide are prevented, but I don’t know- after it happens- why make it this “lesson” that we apparently have to be reminded of or an if only they had a phone number. Obviously, they had a jillion phone numbers and if there’s an inappropriate time to judge someone for their actions as to “WHY?”, right after their death would seem to be the grossest.

It reminds me of when a family friend told me (and a bunch of other people) that the reason I was in the psych ward was because of a spiritual malady that could only be cured by a certain type of new age healing (and not meds). How dare anyone take one persons individual experience – that they didn’t have much curiosity about except to interpret it to their own beliefs – and use it as a symbol of a cautionary tale? Anyways, I’m not reposting suicide hotlines. Yeah- they can help but, to say they’re first line of prevention for any one person- just seems disrespectful of what just happened. Like putting an “eat organic” ad after someone dies of pesticide poisoning. They just died. Stop the promotion of the cure already.

3 thoughts on “Listening to last hour

  1. This reminds me of things I said much further down about people becoming experts on medical/mental illness … “What you should do is ….”

    For some reason I thought those suicides might have affected you and is why I tweeted to you:

    “Just checking to see that you’re doing okay. If not you can talk to me. I really enjoy your humor.”

    I figure that the best way I can help someone is just to ask if they are okay. You “liked” the tweet, but I figure you feel bad about not liking every tweet. I hope I didn’t secretly offend you. That seems to be one of my biggest fears. I texted a friend of mine who I know suffers from depression to check up on them that same day.

    When I hear of suicide (cousin killed himself last year), I think of a line from the Big Chill, which I will paraphrase as I don’t know if this is the exact line, but [Sometimes it’s not a matter of why, but why not.]

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