4 pm show day!

Heading to Hollywood and listening to set in Lyft on the way there. Making notes…

Ok! I listened to Portland set! Next, is Eugene!

Oof. Did 4 pm show and it was ROUGH. So bummed and embarrassed. Oh well. At least I did it. That’s something and I have it recorded that’s good.

Back home!

I’ve overcommitted myself and am feeling the internal pressure. I get scared that I won’t get whatever I need ($, attention, activity, endorphins) and then I put too much stuff on the calendar in an effort to deny that I am only really up 10 hours a day (for realz- I’m on Seroquel, which really “quells” the depression and hypomania, but slows me down quite a bit). Of that 10 hours, I seem to be able to work only 5 hours. It’s extremely embarrassing, but I also would be afraid to change my meds when they’ve helped me feel so good (at least when I am awake).

I had to cancel a haircut and a meeting because I have to meet a deadline I’m already late on and balance all of my Quicken and QuickBooks. I woke up at 11 (from 9 pm bedtime) and walked for coffee and am just beginning. This is when I miss hypomania and the pride of being able to accomplish a ton of stuff. That is not my story anymore, but neither is wanting to kill myself- so I’m calling it a fair trade.

So, I do a 4 pm show on Thursday and it’d be great to rehearse it again today or – at the very least- listen to the set from Portland or Eugene. I will check in to let you know that I’ve listened to the set. Thank you.

I didn’t do it. O yo-yo. Will try again today.

Post show Eugene

A really nice crowd and recorded the new pieces so I hope that will help to edit the new ones.

I’m a little bored with my old material, but grateful it is there to sink into when the newer bits feel wobbly.

I didn’t do:

Athletic insider

But I did do the new song Saturation point and Sharing and Caring.

So, a success! Thank you to anyone who reads this- it’s genuinely helped me feel more inspired to work on my act.

Lady Dynamite News

No 3rd season.

They (Netflix) were very nice about it. It just didn’t get high enough numbers. So, I feel a little sad tonight. I get this fear- oh no, what if I won’t be able to get work. But even if that were true, I can always type 40 words per minute with 89% accuracy and I’m sure there is a non-profit that might hire me for less than a living wage. There is always work to do.

So getting ready for the show- wrote the set list and practiced jokes with Jackie Kashian and feel scared but hopeful for show tonight!

I will bookend with you blogogoks.


  • Enjoy the words and listen
  • New song “Saturation point”
  • Athletic insider

Will write back when show is over!

Eugene trip and show

I listened to half of my new set yesterday and rehearsed a song and new joke for sister Sarah (a good laugher- which always helps).

Like many if not all, feeling powerless to “do something” in light of terrifying developments in the world via global climate change, the US government, and the general human suffering (50k living on the streets) in Los Angeles. We give 11% of net salary to local food shelf, but as I type that out- it’s clear how minuscule a gesture it is.

Because I’m unwilling to start walking to Washington DC in robes to ask for the President (?)’s resignation, my cowardly position is to just write about it.

I was texting with a friend who was having trouble focusing and completing a creative task due to new medications and so I’ll share what I told her (which I need to hear and I know someone told me): set a timer for 1 minute or 30 seconds and do however much you can do in that time (bookend with someone). Then, if I feel energized by the ONE MINUTE of effort put in, I’ll set a timer for 5 minutes. Anyhoo, I tell you that so that you know the slow, tiny amount of work I actually do- that I used to have the ability to work for hours at a time, up all night and now – for reasons of medication or age or poor attitude- it’s not possible and so, ONE MINUTE AT A TIME.

Went through new premise about “beating the Christians” with pal jackie Kashian and got some laughs- so that’s good.

Now I’ll bookend flight to Eugene that during the flight, I’ll:

  • Write a set list of old and new jokes
  • Go through all old jokes again

1 day til show in Eugene


Listened to 20 minute set of new material did at bowling alley show and it went better than I thought!

Today, I’ll bookend;

  • Going through all of my old material
  • Writing out new song
  • Performing new song for my sister
  • Listening to hour long set of new material

I’ll check in to say that I’ve done it! Thank you, Bloggoxen.

Telling jokes to my husband

He has heard them hundreds of times before (my old hour), but I have to go through them to rehearse and so we hike (it’s a 20 min walk) to our local coffee shop and I attempt to remember words I haven’t said in a month.

He has ideas – a partic

Got call back from friend Jackie to listen to my new song and so had to pick up! We often will listen to each other’s stuff (no feedback unless asked!) and so that is extremely helpful. It was good to say/sing it out loud.


Listened to half a set with notes in car ride to eat lunch with friends/comedians and sang song with hubby on walk to coffee shop. Have a 20 minute set tonight.

I need to have a place (like a black box tiny theatre) to do a daytime show closer to Pasadena, but not sure if it exists or if it would be too pricey. Clubhouse space in Hollywood is great, but they are super busy and it’s a long drive. Not sure if there’d be enough audience for a daytime show out here in suburbs, but even a group of 2 is fine- just to avoid me having to pay to perform is the goal. I’ve paid friends to listen to my set in a pinch, but performing – even to one interested new ear- is better than old friends (who I can hear doing their dishes) having to hear something they’ve heard 10’s of times.

Maybe “putting it out there” in the universe will help. If not, I always have enough self-employed friends who need the work of what I guess is called, “comedic witnessing”. (I don’t want to have any feedback and just need someone to listen).

So, that’s it for today- I might bookend another session of listening to set and the show tonight (at a bowling alley- I got my requested 20 minutes!).

I hope you are making whatever you want to make and know that you are not alone in the fun/painful/rewarding/Kmart/dreadful/boring process. Low end corporate retail = legitimate emotional state.

Did the set and it went ok- I was hungry and caffeinated and so, not my best show, but ok and will listen to tomorrow.

Thank you to those who posted ideas of where/how to perform! I may just pay to play in order to get a secure spot. I’ll let you know…

Good night, group of 1 or 2 that read this.

Back from the tundra into LA hustle-bustle.

Dear bloggarrooz:

Starting back to performing with a 20 minute set downtown tonight at programme called “Crane”. So I need to rehearse and I’m asking the human spirit of the internet (the only god I seem to acknowledge) to support the “bookend” of a practice session (with myself- no time for you!) in preparation.

I’m taking a Lyft ride and within said 4.8 with Angel, I will write a new set list of all new premii. I had a few new ideas burble up on the vacay and so that is pleasurable.

oh! And if it’s helpful, please feel free to bookend in the comments your own creative projects. Yes we can. (At the very least make 5 minutes of effort. I’m pretty sure this is not was meant by the Obama campaign)

OK I did it! I wrote a new set list! Yahoo.

Just blurry enough to seem like new comedic territory. Everything has been said before, but not photographed by your shaky hands!

Now, on to bookending rehearsal. This is sadly the hard part. I would like to skip the painful procrastination before doing right to doing. I asked a violinist if she got anxious and irritable before shows, refusing to practice. She seems like a very upbeat person of prolific-icity, but she said that she does get mad and doesn’t want to go through the songs. So, there it is. I’ll write back when I’ve listened to the last 50 minute set I recorded before a month holiday. I promise and I will hold you to your promises. Fire up the glue guns.

I did it. (!) very pumped. Listened to set, wrote notes, wrote out a new song based on holiday family interactions- maybe an hour of actual doing anything and yet, feel relieved and proud. I’m not saving any universe or even breaking new ground, but I’ve kept myself “off the pipe and off the pole” (as my friend Jackie Kashian says) for today and that’s something (nothing against the sex Industry or the partaking or drugs illicit- I have never been asked to participate -so it’s only through lack of access/outside recruitment- not a true choice).

Here at “Crane”! They give you a little pink notebook and thank you note for performing! Wonderful, 2018 comedy market environmental perks that I did not experience in the 90s.

Nervous- I’m a little older than the other comedians, but maybe I can fulfill a partial “oldie” diversity quotient. There are THREE women on the show- which is also different from comedy past.

I’m going to do the following-

Disappointment, kill, why?, money, social justice fantasies and maybe this new song

I only have 20 minutes- so may not fit.

Goal- to be here in the space with the people as much as possible, to notice a nice face if I see it and perform the shit out of each jokelette.

Here is something new that I am trying to do- I ask to go up first. (I do it far in advance, hopefully) that way, the night doesn’t get so late for 47-year old Seroquel-taking comedian. I also ask for a 20 minute set. I feel weird about asking, but I tell whoever is booking to NOT WORRY if it is impossible. I’ve just got to plan my energies.

Did the set and listened to in the car on the way home. Went ok and feel proud of performance getting more solid. Lots of very nice comics doing good work and so, a good night, as usual!